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The 9th Graduation of J.Y. Theological Institute India 2018

The 9th graduation of J.Y. Theological Institute in Manipur, India,took place on the 28th of December of 2018. The graduation service of the students included the ordination of Ministers for the preaching of the Gospel of Christ.
3 Pastors were ordained:
1-Pastor L.Surjit
2-Pastor M. Bosanta
3-Pastor Siam Yaiphasana Meitei
There were also 7 students that graduated:
2-RK Kamala
5-Maseng Kamang
The director of our ministry in Asia and the Institute, Rev. Dr. Paul Ibobi ministered and prayed during the ordination and gave the certificates of ordination and for completed the courses.
Rev.M.Tiken conducted the graduation service. We give glory to God for what He is doing in our institute. 
Many of our graduates have become pastors, others have become teachers at our institute and others have become missionaries that are reaching people, not only in India, but in nations like  Buthan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam,,Cambodia, Laos, Tailandia, etc...
We are thankful for our supporters for helping us financially to sustain these teachers, missionaries, students and building of the J.Y. Theological Institute in India.
May God continue to bless you all.
With love,
Josue Yrion









Josue Yrion Theological Institute, Nongpok Sekmai, began in 2005. By the grace of God it has gradually developed. At the beginning, there was only a one year course that was offered which was the Bachelor of Evangelism (B. E.). The first eight students graduated on January 27, 2006.

This institute started by faith, depending on God, and it has been able to reach its goals step by step. By His grace, we need more prayers and your cooperation to meet the great financial needs of this Institute.

May all the glory be to God!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. S. Paul Ibobi
Director, JYTI
Asso/Evangelist of JYWEM, Inc