52 Missionaries Around the World


It is with great honor that we write a summary of the arduous spiritual and physical labor that our missionaries are doing on all continents of the world through your generous financial support. Thank you for your prayers and offerings to these “giants” of the faith who are preaching the Word of God in difficult places.

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  • Pr. Jaime Araújo, Brazil & USA: Working with YWAM and reaching Jewish communities with the Gospel.

  • Rev. Nestor O.V. Nue, Peru: Pastors a congregation and leads missions outreaches to children, teens, and adults. He also works hard to achieve religious equality for evangelicals in the Peruvian government.

  • Robson Scofield, Brazil: Works with YWAM in the northeast of Brazil among a predominantly Catholic population of poor and needy people.

  • Pr. Pablo Lay, Argentina: Preaches throughout the country and in missions trips around Latin America.

  • Pr. Obispo Hédito Espinoza, Chile: Has a very reputable and fruitful ministry with more than 70 pastors under his leadership in Chile. He preaches all throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Daniel Reinheimer, Brazil: After being a part of YWAM and working in Brazil and Peru, he is now preaching and evangelizing the youth through plays, and campaigns.

  • Pr. Victor de la Rosa, Belize. Pastors a congregation and preaches in large campaigns in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

  • Chris & Caitlyn, USA: Establish Bible studies for High School students and bring the gospel to high-schoolers that desperately need Christ. They also go on missions trips overseas during the summer.

  • Katie, USA: Launches spiritual movements in High Schools in low income areas, bringing the gospel to young people who don't see a way out of their despairing circumstances.

  • Pr. Daniel Fernandez, Cuba: Ordained Pastor through the Assemblies of God. He preaches all over the island and pastors Lily of the Valley Church. He and his wife have both developed this ministry together.


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  • Peterson Feital, England: Preaches the gospel in a nation that is hardened and indifferent to the gospel.

  • Alfonso Cherene, Spain: National director of YWAM in Madrid, he trains students and directs missions work around the country through YWAM bases.

  • Julio & Adriana Olmos, Spain: Have been missionaries in Mexico and Central Asia and are now planting churches in Guadix, Granada, where there are more than 300,000 people with no evangelical movement.

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  • Dr. Benjamin Gnanadurai, India: Runs an elementary school and a High school in which more than 1000 students hear the gospel daily. He also runs 4 orphanages with more than 200 poor and abandoned children. He has planted and maintains more than 200 churches in villages that had not heard the gospel before. He also has a shelter for lepers and handicapped persons. He constantly travels throughout India preaching the gospel.

  • Rev. Dr. S. Paul Ibobi, India: The director of our ministry in Asia and the director of the JY Theological Institute in Manipur. 17 of our missionaries in India are under his leadership. They all preach the gospel daily in different cities and villages of this country of 1 billion people, where only 2% are Christians.

  • Dennis Gnanadurai, India: Trains young people for service as missionaries and preaches throughout India. He also administers Jesus Christ Savior Mission, which includes a large church, orphanage, and school.

  • David Gnanadurai, India: Plants churches and shares the gospel in the South of India and more recently in the North. He also helps administrate Jesus Christ Savior Mission. 

  • Joseph Nan, Myanmar (Burma): Realizing an incredible work in the unreached villages in this totalitarian country. In one of his updates, he tells us he walked 28 km to reach a Buddhist monk and share the gospel with him. That man accepted Christ and is now preaching the gospel in his mountain village that had never before heard about Christ. Hallelujah! He is constantly in danger for preaching the gospel.

  • Peter, China: He is reaching young people for Christ and cultivating true disciples in this communist country that is closed to the Gospel.

  • Elex, China: Buys and transports Bibles in Mandarin and Tibetan and audio Bibles in Tibetan, ug, dong, mapul, and nepali. He also helps orphanages in Tibet and buys evangelistic literature in Mandarin. In addition, he is studying the culture to be able to work in the translation of the Bible in the future.

  • Pr. Boonyared Wichaipa, Thailand: Leads 7 churches and travels throughout the country sharing the góspel and establishing new churches.

  • Doo Wichaipa, Thailand: Leads the youth and helps churches to use media to reach people for Christ. His vision is to one day establish the first Christian channel in this Buddhist country.

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  • Pr. John K. Appiah, Ghana: Has various churches and missionary outreaches in different cities and villages of this country.

  • De Wet & Marysol Blomerus, South Africa: Work with YWAM in missionary projects and travel throughout Africa training students, leaders, and pastors and reaching lost souls by preaching in various churches.

  • Natanael & Tirsa Gonzales, North Africa: Work in different schools showing the love and truth of Christ to the Muslim community in a country where the gospel is very difficult to accept. They also work with PMI in the building of churches.
  • Angela Lee, Niger: Raising up a community of Christians in local college, building a secondary school for girls so that they can avoid often-disastrous childhood marriage, and teaching the school-age children of Bible translators so that they can continue working in the area.

  • Prs. Hugo & Graciela Vargas, Australia: They are reaching Hispanics and Australians for Christ through their Church. They also travel to share the gospel in Fiji and Uruguay.