Peace in the Midst of Pain 8/14

For many years, farmers used a tool called Tribulum, which was used to separate the weeds from the wheat. Currently, we use the word tribulation which is derived from the artifact that the ancient cultivators used to separate the good wheat for their harvest. In the same way, God uses the tool of tribulation (Pain and suffering) to mature, equip, and sanctify us of all the spiritual weeds in our lives.

When Thomas Dorcey’s wife died in labor, Thomas felt completely alone in such terrible agony, and in his despair he exclaimed: “God, where are you? Why did this happen to me?” After asking for peace from God, in the midst of such profound sorrow, he sat in front of the piano and began to compose a song that expressed the prayer in his heart. The melody states: “Precious Lord, take my hand, guide my steps, help me stand firm through this trial, because I am tired, I am weak and exhausted due to this storm. Give me peace through this dark night, take me towards the light. Take my hand, precious Lord, guide me towards heaven’s gates.”

It is very difficult to understand why such things happen and why God allows them; I believe that in eternity we will have the answer. However, in the meantime, we must admit that our emotions are deeply affected by our problems and even more so through terrible circumstances. When our logic and what we believe to be true is stained by pain and suffering, the majority of the time we do not understand God. Then all we have left to say is that although we do not understand with our limited minds, we will continue in faith, trusting in Him. We will continue to love Him even though our experience says the opposite. When we stop to think about the fact that we suffer when we see our children suffer, we realize that God, who loves us much more than what we love our kids, also suffers when he sees us suffering.

Remember that Christ’s first coming to earth was accompanied by pain and tears from His Father who saw Him come down from heaven to earth to live among us. Our Father in heaven lost a Son, and we gained a Savior. Rarely do we think of Christmas from the perspective of our Father in heaven who knew what would happen when His Son would leave the throne. He knew the suffering of the crucifixion but He also knew the eternal salvation that His Son would obtain on Calvary in order to redeem His own creation. The reality is that the birth and death of Christ caused extreme suffering to the Father. He was filled with deep and utter sadness when He saw Him come down from heaven and when He saw Him suffer and die.

God is not indifferent to what happens. He understands your problem, pain, and suffering because He Himself experienced pain. God knows and God cares about your tears and suffering. Psalm 34:18 states: “God is near to the brokenhearted. He saves those who are crushed in spirit.” The words to a popular Christian song say this: “You can have peace in the midst of the storm.” I am sure that through faith, the hand of God will move in your favor and He will give you peace in the storm.


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