Dare to Believe 10/14

“As scripture says: Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.” Romans 10:11

In the Word of God, we find many great and wonderful promises that we, as children of God have the right to use. These promises are our tools in prayer since they provide the security that we receive what God has promised in His Word.

One of His promises is this one: “All who put his trust in Him will not be put to shame.” This promise states clearly that all who believe in Him for salvation, healing, prosperity, or for any other need will never be put to shame. To believe in God is to trust in Him. Believing in God means that we know that there is no way that He can disappoint us.

In Mark 9:14-29 we find the story of a man whose son was demon possessed. He came to Jesus’ disciples in hope that they could be able to help them but they were not able to do anything. When Jesus arrived and asked what was happening, the afflicted man explained to him his situation. Then Jesus said: “If you can believe, everything is possible to him that believes.” This man was desperate and perhaps tired of seeking help in many different places with no result.When this man encountered Jesus he had two choices, believe or doubt. Jesus clearly stated: If you can believe, everything is possible for him that believes.” If we pay close attention, the first thing He says is : “If you can believe.” He had a choice between doubting or believing and he had to choose because the promise is for those who believe.

This demonstrates the importance of believing. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation might be, to the one who believes, victory is his. The promise is not for those that doubt, it is not for those that place their eyes on the problem, and it is not for those that doubt the reality of God. It is only for those that believe.

Believing in God is equivalent to having faith in God. Faith is what helps us believe in what we are hoping for even when we have not seen anything in the world around us. However, for faith to be able to bring about a miracle, it has to be tested. The Apostle Peter stated that faith as gold needs to be tested by fire (1 Peter 1:7).

When your world has darkened and you cannot see anything, your faith is being tested.It has been said that roses give their best smell in the darkest hours of the night which is around two to three in the morning. In the same way, it is also in the darkest hours of the night when our faith produces the best fragrance. It is in our darkest moments where we can honor God with our faith. It is in the midst of our pain and suffering where we can demonstrate that we believe in the faithfulness of God. God delights in the pleasant fragrance of our faith. When we believe in His promises and trust in His love, we can have the certainty that we will never be put to shame.


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