CHILE (Viña del Mar)- 1996

The 30th of March I arrived in Santiago, Chile. I knew that it was the time for Chile. I prayed to the Lord and I told Him: “God, pour your Spirit and bring a revival to Chile.” I knew that God had something great. A group of pastors from the United in Christ Ministry that organized the crusade went to the airport. Immediately I had an interview with Radio Harmonia via telephone through 15 channels via satellite at the national level.

From the 1st of April till the 4th I preached at the Viña del Mar Municipal Theater. The Chilean people fill the auditorium  every night and the Lord poured his Spirit. When the services ended, the people didn’t wanted to go home. They wished to remain in the altar, brokenhearted, crying, consecrating their lives to Christ. One night I took the Chilean flag while preaching and waived proclaiming the spiritual victory to the nation from Arica to Punta Arenas, from one end to the other. The Lord sent His anointing and power bringing salvation, healing, restoration, calling the young people to the ministry, baptism on the Holy Spirit... This is a revival! Hundreds of pastors and their churches gave their support for the event. We had a great ministerial unity. Till then I had preached in 49 nations and what I saw was unique regarding the unity of the pastors. I said: “ It’s Chile’s time!”

Thursday morning, the 4th of April, at 9:30 AM, I was received by the govermment at the National Congress of Chile. The congressman Bertolucci representing the government awarded me with the congressional bronze medal of the of Chile. The spiritual impact of the crusade was visible.  They didn’t only received me in the congress but also many pastors at the national level of leadership in the Christian church. The revival was there!The 5th and 6th of April I preached at the famous “Quinta Vergara Auditorium”. The first night we had 10,000 people. The second night 12,000 thousand. Between the two nights we had hundreds of people that came to the Lord Jesus Christ. The national television, channel 24 of Chile, recorded the saturday event. Marcelo Araya requested an interview with me where he asked about the amazing church growth of the chilean church which is known by the authorities. I told  him: “ It’s the time for the revival in Chile.”  The 7th of April I preached in the Quilpoé gymnasium . 2,000 people were there and hundreds gave their lives to Christ.

Tuesday, the 9th of April, the mayor of Viña del Mar, Mr. Jorge Santibañez, invited me to the City Hall together with the minister of culture Mr.Daniel Lillo. In an official government meeting they awarded me with a Silver Badge with the recognition as an Illustrious Visit and Son of Viña del Mar. They asked me to autograph the “Golden Book”  and I wrote: “ I dedicated this honor that was given to me first to the Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory. Second, to the president of Chile, Mr.Eduardo Frei and to his ministers. And third, to the pastors, and their churches and to the people of Chile.”  Many national evangelical leaders were present with me. And

lastly we went to Santiago and I preached in the church of Rev.Chaparro. We had about 2,000 people and 250 pastors. The service was the glory of God, and the Lord spoke with authority and power from His Word.

I give thanks to God for all that He did in Chile and for the privilege for me to be a part in the Chilean revival.

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that united us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion