BOGOTA (Colombia)- July 2004

We were formerly invited by Rev. Enrique Gomez, pastor of Centro Misionero Betesda, to preach in a crusade in the Colombian capital.

Thursday-July 22      The conference for the means of communication was held at three o’clock in the afternoon at a national level of both television and radio. Pastor Enrique Gomez explained his vision for the newly bought terrain. The land was bought by the C.M.B. to build a church which could hold one million people. We were interviewed and we answered many questions along with Pr. Enrique Gomez, my wife, Damaris Yrion, and my children Kathryn and Joshua Yrion. At night we inaugurated the great location in which one could fit ten soccer stadiums. We had 20 thousand people with the majority being Christians and had more than 700 of them who came to Christ. Along with that the Lord healed many people.

Friday-July 23  At 11:00  in  the morning  I preached  to  400 pastors and leaders    at  a national  level  in  a  ministry  conference. It was filled with the Glory of God. During the night  we had 25 thousand people and again, the majority being Christians, and yet more than 850  souls  were  saved. There  were  also many healings among the children of God.

Saturday-July 24   We  were  on  national  television  alongside Pastor Gomez at 6:00 in the morning. There were also eight radio stations that transmitted this meeting throughout all of the Colombian land. The  majority of the  40 thousand people  that  came that night were Christians and more than 900 of them gave their hearts to Christ. Many people were healed of many sicknesses and miracles were abundant among God’s people.

Sunday-July 25    I  preached  at  the  C.M.B.  at 10:00  and we had 16 thousand people. This church  has  a  membership  of 32,000  people  and it has several church services on Sundays. At three in the afternoon that day was the  peak of our crusade. There were 100 thousand people  and  being  there  majority Christians, more than 1,000 people received Christ as their savior and Lord.  There  were  countless  miracles  and  healings that night. The crusade was transmitted to 70 countries through the satellite of  el Centro Misionero Betesda called “From Colombia to the world.”

In all, 201 thousand people  came  to  the crusade, with the majority being Christians and we had a total of  3,450 people who came to Christ  without counting those who accepted Christ through television or radio by satellite.

I thank the Lord  for  everything  that he did in Bogota, Colombia. For this great privilege which HE gave me to preach His Word in this magnificent and extraordinary Evangelistic Crusade. I’m thankful for  Pastor  Enrique Gomez’s  invitation and also because Damaris, Kathryn, and Joshua were with me in this great opportunity.

May God bless you, your families, and your ministries,

-Rev. Josue Yrion