Maracaibo (VENEZUELA)- May 1997

Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord to all pastors, evangelists, ministers and friends.

I want to thank you for your prayers and spiritual support during our Crusade called “Pentecost 97” in Maracaibo, Venezuela, May 21-25. We felt the love and prayers in the midst of a huge spiritual warfare against our very lives.  But while preaching the power of God fell. The crusade was a great success. From Wednesday to Saturday we had an attendance of 15.000 to 19.000 thousand people in the “Plaza de Toros”. Sunday night at the closing we had 25.000 thousand people inside and about 4.000 thousand outside wishing to go in. They had to call the National Guard  to keep the people away that were crying and saying: “ We want to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ…” but some 600 people broke in through a door looking for space to seat or stand to hear the message of Christ.

In all crusade we had more then 80.000 thousand people in 5 days that praised  the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, and more then 6,000 thousand people gave their lives to the Lord. Pr.José Inciarte and “Iglesia La Cruz” which organized the event invited me.

The radio, the press and the TV channels heard the crusade, came, recorded and then showed later via satellite to the country nationally. Venevisión, Televisa and Rádio TV Caracas said that never in the Venezuela’s history there was a crusade in that magnitude. Angelica Taborda, the reporter of  Venevisión gave her life to Christ together with Germán Noveli, a reporter of Rádio Cacaras TV. We had the presence of some congressman, senators and the candidate for president of Venezuela that were invited.

To Christ be the glory for everything He did in the Venezuelan Crusade. Hallelujah!

Once again thank you very much for your prayers and financial support for this ministry.

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that united us,

-Rev. Josué Yrion