Brisbane (AUSTRALIA) August 2003

Dear brethren:

We were invited by the Hispanic Pastors Association to hold a crusade in Australia. People came from cities like Perth, Camberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. I preached from the 14th to 17th  with the Spanish speaking people.  During the nights we had a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit with messages about holiness, repentance, and the altar was filled of people with a broken spirit and with tears confessing  their sins and making a commitment  to live a holy life. The 15th and 16th I preached in the mornings about world evangelism and missions to the pastors and to the leadership. Some ministers with tears and on their knees made a decision to go back and start evangelizing with their churches. I also spoke about the personal life of the minister and his character and integrity. The Lord brought a revival for those who accepted the Word even that He spoke very strongly and He exhorted the Spanish speaking Christian people of Australia. Unfortunately some didn’t believe that the message was from God.2Ch. 20:20  Pr.1:23-33

The 13th, 17th and 18th I preached invited by Rev.David & Jeannie Mok, pastors of ICC (International City Church). It’s a marvelous church with 38 different cultures. I preached in English and then in English with translation to Mandarin and Cantonese. It was the glory of God in all the meetings and the altar was filled with people of many cultures that with tears were renovated by the Power of God. I spoke about the greatness of God, His holiness, His power, about the challenge of world missions, and our responsibility, and finally regarding the church to go back to the Bible, to fix our eyes on Jesus and be ready to pay the price for the anointing. We thank pastors Mok for receiving us with dignity,  love, and appreciation. The Lord brought a powerful revival in the English speaking meetings among the Australians and the other cultures that did accept the Word of God and did not reject it like some ministers, leaders and brethren of the Spanish speaking that unfortunately didn’t know how to honor us as ministers and they missed a great opportunity to repent. They kept on going in their hidden sins, following men and not God and remained in their disobedience as Heb.4:7 says: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Australia was the 68th country that I preached and never the Word was so rejected among the Hispanic like in this continent. Many have hearts like stone, others are closed to the Spirit, others are immature, others in hidden sins and others never had a real conversion with Christ. In summary many never understood the difference between condemnation and exhortation for Brisbane like the Jews never understood for Jerusalem, Luke 19:41-44. But we have received many e-mails of people that changed and were transformed by the Word and accepted the voice of God for their lives. We thank pastors Washington and Graciela Vargas for taking care of us during our crusade there with such love and kindness.

My wife, kids and I, who went to Australia, wish to thank you for your prayers.

God Bless you!

-Rev. Josué Yrion