Dear pastor and brethren in Christ. Fraternal greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord.

On April 25th and 26th of 1986, I preached in the Youth World Convention of A.J.A.I.C. in Brooklyn N.Y. where we felt the glory of God so strongly. Many young people were call to the ministry.

On the 9th of May 1986, we founded the Josue Yrion Ministries organization in Los Angeles, CA.

On October 23-26 of 1986, I preached in Madrid, Spain. From there we went to Jerusalem, Israel, where we visit some churches and we traveled in all Israel. We visit some north cities next to Lebanon on the border with Nazareth. Then we went to North Africa,  Egypt in the city of Cairo. The churches in Egypt have had some membership growth because it has some religious freedom, but it have some persecution under the Moslems which controls all the Egyptians. We spent 20 days in the Middle East till Nov.10-86

Between the years of 1987-1990 we preached across the United States where we putted the roots regar-ding the Spanish speaking ministry. I also preached in Mexico, D.F. from May 20 to June 10, 1991.

From January 20 to 26 of 1992 I preached in the Usulutan Crusade in the Stadium of Luis Angel Firpo in El Salvador, Central America. We had 16,000 thousand people. It was organized by the Assemblies of God with the support of others pastors. The Lord healed many diseases and hundreds came to Christ.

The 7th of May 1992, may wife Damaris and I together with others ministers, were invite to participated in a church service for the National Day of Prayer with the President of the United States, George Bush.

On  May 28-31, 1992, I preached to 4,000 people in the Plaza de Toros, in Juarez City,  Mexico. 

In June 1992, I was invited to teach Missions in the William Carey U.S.Center for World Missions.

To Christ the honor and glory for everything He had done during the years of 1986-1992

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that united us,

-Rev.Josue Yrion


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