SOVIET UNION (Moscow) and UKRAINE (Kiev) 1993

Greetings to all ministers and brethren in Christ in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Our evangelistic trip to Russia and Ukraine was a success.  When I was in the Soviet Union back in 1985, I never thought that I would have this open opportunity to preach. We knew that the Lord had something special for this occasion in 1993. Seven pastors and my wife went with me. Our expectation was high. We had been invited to preach in a Soviet Military Base in Moscow. We got a special visa by divine intervention from the Russian government as humanitarian-diplomatic. Eight years before I had been in the communist countries  behind the iron curtain. Who would think that so many years later with a special permission from the Kremlin I would preach as an invited guest at the side of the fearful KGB building that tortured so many pastors and Christian people in the past?   He’s a God of miracles!

The 5th of March in the morning we went to the Red Square, opposite to the Lenin’s mausoleum. We gave our hands to each other in the team and proclaimed the ultimate God’s victory over the communist system. Many years before Stalin had said in the same place: “ Communism will bury Christianity over here at the Red Square…” I believe that the Lord did exactly the contrary of Stalin words.  Why? Becau- se it was Christianity that buried communism at the Red Square in Moscow. Hallelujah!

At night in the crusade service of the Soviet Military Base M-186-B2-43005-113186 the children choir was singing to God.  Then I preached and made the altar call and 250 soviet soldiers came to Christ. The base mayor, Pishik Osip Vichesla Vovick, also gave his heart to the Lord and said: “ What the commu- nist system could not do in my life in the last 73 years, God did tonight, he converted my mind and my soul to Him…”  After the service he asked for the Bibles to be distributed  to all the military bases and their soldiers and officers of the Russian Army. After praying with the soldiers we gave the Bibles that we bought through the help of many Hispanic and Portuguese churches of the U.S.A. We gave 16,000 thousand Bibles, 8,000 in Russian and 8,000 in Ukrainian. Seeing  the soldiers coming to the Lord and receiving the Bibles we had tears of joy.  It was a real miracle at 12 degrees below zero in Moscow.

The 7th of March at 3:45 in the morning we arrived in Kiev, Ukraine.  We had two meetings. At night the crusade were in a big auditorium where in the past they used for the communist party.  About 1,700 people came. Many remained standing for more then 3 hours. They were hungry  for the Word of God. After I preached 800 people came to Christ. At the prayer for the sick a blind woman received sight  in her left eye. We gave the Bibles and one Christian woman spoke: “ I don’t want nothing else, except this Bible and God, please give me God…” It was a true miracle at 42 degrees below zero in Kiev.  

To the Lord be the Glory for everything he did in Russia and Ukraine. And thank you for your prayers and financial help for us to bought these Bibles for the Soviet and the Ukrainian people. 

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that unite us,

-Rev.Josué Yrion