Paris (France) London (England) and Brussels (Belgium)- Oct. 14-26, 1997

Dear pastors, ministers, evangelists and friends of this ministry. Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Our Evangelistic Trips in Europe from October 14-26, 1997 was a great success for the Glory of God.

I preached the 16th in the Baptist Church of Rev. Jules Thobois.  It’s the biggest church in Paris and one of the churches which has more members in all France.  The Lord spoke to the French about the price to follow Him, the denying of oneself, the pride and arrogance and most important about taking up His cross in the real sense of discipleship. God also spoke about the coming of a revival following humiliation from God’s people.  I returned to preach there Sunday morning where the Lord poured His Spirit while preaching about the calling to world missions from France to the entire world. Hallelujah!

The 17th  I preached in the Assembly of God church of Rev. Henry Linderman in Paris. Many people with their hearts broken came to the altar and were changed among the tears and prayers. Praise God!

The  18th and 19th at night  I preached in the church of Rev. Eliseo Soto. The invitation to go to France came from him. The Spanish church are in revival. It was two glorious days of God’s anointing…

The 20th and 21st I was in London. We had a meeting with Rev. Robson Lopes of the Brazilian Baptist Church. There are a great move of God among Brazilians and Spanish speaking people in London.

From the 23rd to 26th  I preached in different churches in Belgium, with Rev. Rob & Liliana Van Heulen, Rev. Mica, Rev. Paulin &Sylvia Pelete, Rev. G.Gustavo Guerrero and Rev. Emmanuel (France). It was the Glory of God in all services. Churches with people from Sri-Lanka, Nigeria, Congo, (Zaire), Iran, Russia, Ghana, Liberia, India, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Colombia, etc… My words cannot express how this dear people praises the Lord. Specially I want to thank Rev. Claude & Karen Agostini for receiving me in their home in Brussels, Belgium. I really appreciate their hospitality and the wonderful time that we spent together and all the driving that Rev. Agostini did for me in Belgium and France. God bless!

To God all the Glory and Honor for everything He did in France, Belgium and England.

Thank you for yours prayers and financial support for this ministry.

In the Blessed bonds of Calvary that unite us

-Rev. Josue Yrion