Norway (Oslo & Kristiansand) Brazil ( Fortaleza) YWAM World Congress of Missions-August 1998

Dear Pastors, ministers and all friends of this ministry. Greetings in the Christ Jesus our Lord.

I thank you for your prayers and your spiritual support during the month of August of 1998. My beloved wife Damaris and my dear children, Kathryn and Joshua Jr., went with me to Europe.

We went to Norway and we preached  from July 31st to August 02 in Oslo in the “Salemkirken” Salem Church, Spanish Dept.  It’s a Latin congregation with many nationalities. The Lord spoke strongly about holiness, integrity and the Christian character. Many were changed and fill with the Holy Spirit.

Then we went to the city of Kristiansand, from August 4th to 9th. We ministered in the Philadelphia Church, a Norwegian Church with a Latin Dept., with pastors Eduardo Mondaca and Oscar Nuñes. It was wonderful see what the Lord did among the Chileans  and other Latin people from other countries.

The Latin-Americans are making the difference in Europe. I preached to the Norwegian Church as well and we saw a great move of God among them. I spoke about missions, the passion for souls and the price to pay to receive a revival. Sunday morning the Norwegians and Latin people were together crying and worshipping the Lord in one hearth. That was marvelous and the presence of God was felt. My wife Damaris also preached to the Norwegian and Latin ladies of the church. The Lord used her powerfully.

From August 23rd to 30th, we went to Brazil to the city of Fortaleza to preach in the “Youth With A Mission World Congress of Missions”. I preached during the mornings about the “Latin people and the World Evangelization” and during the nights I preached  in the “Presidente Vargas Stadium”. We had about 27,000 thousand people in the stadium. The first night 3,200 came to Christ. The second night, more then 5,000 thousand people accepted Christ, totaling 8,200 people. Hallelujah! During the whole project called “ Window Fortaleza”, more then 60,000 thousand people came to Christ. I was a great honor for me to preach alongside with Loren Cunningham, the founder and world president of YWAM. We had people for this congress from 95 countries of all the continents of the world. It was tremendous!

I also preached in the  A.G. churches of pastors Teixeira and Bastos, and the Baptist church of Pr.Nelio.

To God be the honor and glory for His power displayed in Europe and Brazil and for what He did.

To all of you, thank you for your love towards us and your financial support for this ministry.

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that unite us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion


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