2000 Brazil Crusades

 I Assemblies of God International Congress of Missions-São Luis-MA.Brazil

We were invited by Rev.Amaral and Rev.Countinho to preach in the I CONIMAD that took place during the days of 4-8 of November 1999 in the city of São Luis in Maranhão. This great International Congress of Missions was held in the Multi-Center Sebrae. We had the presence of many pastors from many places in Brazil and the presence as well of the Governor of the Maranhão State, Dr.Roreane Sarney, daughter of the former President of Brazil, Dr.José Sarney.  Also was invited the senator  Dr.Edson Lobão and some other governmental authorities. The Lord spoke about “Our Responsibility in Missions; the Early Church Model for Missions; the Challenge of the Unreached People in Missions; the Window 1040 in World Missions; and the Spiritual Warfare in Missions.”  According to some newspapers of the region, we had an attendance of more then 100.000 (one hundred thousand) people during the five days of the congress. Many accepted  Jesus Christ as savior, others were call to the ministry and the Lord poured His Spirit and power and baptized many with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Praise the Lord for what He did in this congress.

Josué Yrion Evangelistic Crusade-Volta Redonda-RJ-Brazil

We preached invited by Rev.Moura in this great Evangelistic Crusade that was organized by the Congregational Church of the Volta Redonda City-RJ. This took place during the days of 28,29,30 of April and 1,2 of May 2000. It was held in the São João Island where we had and attendance of 15,000 to 20.000 (twenty thousand) people daily. During the whole crusade we had about 75,000 (seventy five thousand) people. Hundreds came to know Christ as savior; some were heal from diseases and others were baptized with the Holy Spirit. God spoke seriously about the need of the Rio de Janeiro to go back to the Word of God in humility and holiness. We want to express our gratitude for the support of hundreds of pastors that attended this crusade. To God be the glory!

Londrina on Fire-Londrina-PR.Brazil

The Pastors Association of Londrina through Rev.Clóvis and Rev. Mesquita invited us to preach in this event called “Londrina on Fire” that was held in the Moringão Sports Gymnasium from 8 to 12 of November 2000. In the first day we had and attendance of about 7.000 people. The second day came 8.000 people. The third day about 9.000 people were present. On Saturday night more then 12.000 people were inside and the two Christian Radios that were transmitted alive the event asked the people on the air to please stop coming to the gymnasium because it was already full to its capacity. And we closed Sunday night under a heavy rain and 8.000 people show up. This night the elected mayor of the city and his wife both gave their hearts to Christ. Hallelujah! A total of 44.000 (forty four thousand) people came during the 5 days crusade and were filed with the power of the Holy Spirit and 438 people were saved. We launched our first book in Londrina called “The Power of the Word of God” and in one afternoon we were invited to preach in the City Hall to the municipal authorities  and the Lord blessed this meeting and we gave one copy of the book to each councilman. One night we had the presence of the Vice Governor of the Paraná state, Dr. Emilia Belinati. God spoke very strongly about the need of the ministers and their churches to have personal and ministerial integrity in all areas of their lives. God was greatly glorify in this crusade and we thank Him for everything He did and for His anointing. Hallelujah!

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that unity us,

-Rev. Josué Yrion