COLOMBIA (Bogota)- September 2000

Dear pastors, ministers, evangelists, missionaries and brethren in Christ, greetings in the Name of the Almighty God, Jesus Chris the Lord. Rev.1:7,8

It was a great privilege to me be invited to minister in the “ Centro Misionero Betesda ”  in Bogota, Colombia. This church is pastorate by Rev. Enrique Gomez.  The crusade was held from September 28 to October 01. It was an unforgettable experience. I preached 10 times in 4 days. This church has 22,000 thousand members. The 28th  in the morning we gave a press conference at the national level to the networks of communication of Colom bia to let the crusade be known.  The first conference to the pastors and leadership about 7.000 thousand people came. The first night we had 10,000 thousand people. The 29th  very early in the morning the message went through National Television Channel One to 10 million Colombians and to 44 countries. It also was retransmitted via satellite through the “Miracle Network” to 56 Spanish speaking countries of the world. More then 12,000 thousand people were present for fasting and about 15,000 at night. Throughout the vigil 11,000 thousand Christians came to pray. The 30th in the afternoon at the Youth Confe- ference, 10,000 thousand young people were impacted by the Word of God and in the night 18,000 people show up. The First of October in the morning for the conference about the family 20,000 thousand people were there. In the afternoon there was no place to accommodate more then 22,000 thousand people that came to church to hear the Word of God. At night we closed this great crusade in the last service even that physically tired but filled with the blessings of God. A group of 5,000 thousand people came for the clo-sing, they haven’t been in the two previous church services that Sunday. It was great!

In resume we had 130,000 thousand people that heard the Word of God in person and mi-llions more that heard through the Internet because the message was transmitted alive, and it also was retransmitted to 56 Spanish speaking countries via TV satellite. In the church 1,400 gave their hearts to Christ. The people of God were edified and challenged about world missions, faith, church growth, leadership, revival, spiritual warfare, integrity, family relationship, calling and ministry. The Glory of God came upon us under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Colombia was the 62nd country that I had already preached.

I thank you all for your prayers and financially support for our ministry and may the Lord richly bless you and your family and church. To God be the Glory and Honor for every-thing that He did in Bogota through the Power of His Name and His Word. Praise God!

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that united us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion