Pentecost 98. Venezuela ( Maracaibo)- May 21-24, 1998

Dear pastors, churches and  friends of this ministry. I greet you in Christ Jesus.

I thank you all for your prayers for us during this great event called “Pentecost 98” in Maracaibo, Venezuela. My dear wife Damaris and my children Kathryn and Joshua Jr. went with me. We had like always a great time together. Damaris also preached to about 800 ladies of the “Iglesia La Cruz”, which the pastor is Rev.José Inciarte, the man who organized the event and made the invitation to us for the second time to Venezuela.

The crusade was held in the Luis Aparicio Stadium and was transmitted via satellite to 32 countries, in Central America, South America, Europe and south of the United States. We had the honor to have the Governor of the Zulia State, Mr. Francisco Javier Assis Cardenas, and the mayor of  Maracaibo, Mr. Manoel Rosales and others government personalities and judges. Also we had the honor to have three Christians Generals of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and one Christian Colonel as well.  Praise the Lord!

The crusade was held from May 21-24, 1998. The first day the attendance were 12,000 thousand people. 15,000 thousand came on the second day. The third day was 19,000 thousand and the fourth and last day came about 21,000 thousand people. In total we had about 67,000 thousand people and for the Glory of God about 7,000 thousand people gave their lives over to Christ. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! He’s worthy of praise!

I had previously preached in the “Pentecost 97”  when we had about 80,000 thousand people and more then 6,500 also accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

To Christ be the Honor and Glory for everything that He did in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in this second time that we ministered the Word of God with power in this beautiful nation.

And I want to Thank You for your prayers to our family and financial support for this ministry which is yours also. We rejoiced together for what the Lord did. Hallelujah!

May the Lord richly bless your family, ministry and church.

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that unite us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion