COSTA RICA (San José)- June 14-17, 1999

Dear pastors and friends in Christ of this ministry. Greetings in Jesus mighty name. Php.2:6-11

The Lord gave me the privilege to preach in the “Assemblies of God National Ministers Conference” of Costa Rica from June 14-17 in San José. The invitation came from the National Superintendent of the A.G., Rev. Bolivar Avalos Castillo. Costa Rica was the 57th nation that we’ve already preached.

We started the night of the 14th in the biggest church of all Costa Rica called “ Oasis the Esperanza”, which is pastorate by Rev.Raul Vargas and Rev. Eric L. Reid. The Lord spoke very strongly about the need of us ministers to repent of  “hidden sins” and to seek holiness and the need for us to go back to the highest expression of  “integrity and humility” in all areas of our personal and ministerial lives.

In the mornings the conferences were in the A.G. headquarters where God poured His Spirit and power through the Word of God bringing a very special anointing  among the ministers. All the executive and national leadership with all the ministers were filled with God’s power and radically changed their lives together with their families and the local leadership of their churches. Praise God! Hallelujah!

The messages during the nights were very important to the ministers and also to God’s people. The altar call every night was filled with both people with their hearts broken. The Lord spoke about our goals, our faithfulness towards Him, about our families, World Missions and the need for the Assemblies of God of Costa Rica to go back to be what it used to be, “a powerful evangelistic force in the country.”

In the very words of the National Superintendent, Rev. Bolivar A.Castillo, that among tears said at the end of the meetings: “ God is calling us after hearing this messages, to repent denominationally  as an Assemblies of God organization in all areas, most of all, for us to go back to the personal and massive evangelism like in the past in all our churches and departments in all Costa Rica.”

The ministers said that never before there was a National Conference like this one. Rev. Castillo also said that: “Many preachers had come before, but none have preached the truths like it is with no fear and have preached with boldness, power and humility through the Spirit like in this particular time.”

To God be all the glory for what He did in Costa Rica. I am not worthy to be use by God like this…

Thank you for all your prayers and financial support for this ministry which is yours also.

In the Blessed bonds of Calvary that unite us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion