AMSTERDAM 2000 (Holland) JAPAN (Toyota, Tokorozawa and Nagano)

Dear pastors, ministers, missionaries and brethren in Christ. Greetings in the Name which is above every name, the only God and the true God, Jesus Christ, the Lord. Philippians 2:8-11

It was a privilege to be invited by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and be a participant in the International Conference for Evangelists Amsterdam 2000. My wife Damaris and our children Kathryn and Joshua Jr. were with me from July 29 to August 06. More then 10.000 thousand evangelists from 209 countries of the world were there.  I also was a participant in the previous International Conference for  Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam 83, which was as well organized by the Billy Graham Ministry.

It was a great time of fellowship between  thousands of evangelists from all continents, were we learn, we’re challenged and we received the Word through the messages and experiences from others minis-tries that also are involve with global evangelism. The third world countries were the dominant force of the conference between Latinos, Africans and Asians.  The messages were good for the intellect, but it lacked the fire and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in some preachers. The seminars were of inspiration and very edifying for our lives with excellent topics for world evangelism. In my opinion Amsterdam 83 was better in many aspects. Amsterdam 2000 left something lacking regarding the anointing of God, but even so it was a great conference about the unity of the body of Christ between the evangelist and pastor.

After that we went again with the whole family to the Continent of Asia, to Japan, to preach in a crusade that was of great success. The invitation came from Rev.Ricardo & Adriana Kitaoka, pastors of the Li-ving God Missionary Church. The Latin Americans are making the difference in this country. We’re in Japan from August 11-21. The first city that we preached was Toyota. The 12th  we had 600 people in the morning and 750 in the evening. The 13th we had 750 in the morning and 1,100 in the evening service. About 25 pastors and leaders were there. Then we traveled to the city of  Tokorozawa.  In the 14th we had 400 people in the morning and the same in the evening. The 15th  in the morning came 350 people and in the evening 400. About 10 pastors and leaders were present. And lastly we finished with a Confe-rence for Ministers in the city of Nagano where we had in the 19th more then 280 people and in the 20th in the morning 230 and in the evening 245 people. About 50 pastors, missionaries and leaders participa-ted. In all we had 5,485 people and 85 pastors and theirs churches. It was a record number for the evan-gelization of Japan between Brazilians and Hispanics like never before in this nation were Buddhism is the main religion and Christianity it’s only 0.1 percent of the population. It was the greatest event of the evangelization in Japan for Latin Americans and the Lord spoke powerfully edifying His church through the power of His Word. To God be the Glory for this crusade and for what He did. Hallelujah!

To all of you, thank you very much for your prayers and financially support to our Ministry and may the Lord richly bless you and your family and ministry.  Iesu Kirisuto Anata Wa Aishiteimasu, Iesana wa Shu de su, which translated is: Jesus Christ loves you and Jesus is the Lord!  Hallelujah!

In the blessed bonds of Calvary that united us,

-Rev. Josue Yrion


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