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2020 Summary

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We begin a new year with the traces of the evil that hit the year 2020. We all know that last year was a difficult year, where everything was closed, and many brothers were infected and others left to the presence of the Lord. However, in the midst of this sad situation we can say with all our hearts: "Ebenezer, up to this point Jehovah has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

God has been good, and he has supplied our finances. Although many brothers and sisters in Christ were left without work, God in his goodness provided. We want you to know that in the midst of the pandemic we did not stop sending financial aid to our 64 missionaries and their families, to the Biblical Institute in North India, to the orphanage of our missionary Dennis in India, and to the orphanage of our missionary Nan in Southeast Asia.

There is an old Spanish-language hymn that says: "In the midst of trials the church keeps walking and only stops to preach." This has literally been the motto for the Church of Christ around the world. In the midst of the trials of 2020, pastors, missionaries, and evangelists went ahead preaching the gospel through modern technology.

In the midst of so much calamity, the missionaries managed to continue spreading the gospel, not only by Zoom, but also using humanitarian aid. In northern India, missionary Solomon Malangmai devised to take the gospel to different villages to unreached people through humanitarian aid. As everything was closed, they distributed food and clothes for the children to those most in need. With this strategy they visited 62 houses, winning 95 souls to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Ibobi, our Asian missions director, also reported that they planted a new church and ordained two new pastors to the ministry. In Nepal, the missionary Kamala Gurung held services by zoom, but once a month she tried to visit the homes of congregants to encourage them to remain firm in the faith.

In West Africa, Pastor Appiah reported that they were able to gather outside on December 31. In this end of the year service, they won 21 souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. In Myanmar, missionary Joseph Nan reported that, in the midst of the pandemic, they have seen the power of God in action, witnessing miracles of provision among them, and healing among the children of the orphanage. In addition, they reached 25 new children from places of violence and took them to the orphanage. At the end of last year, 20 children from the orphanage received Christ and were baptized.

In India, Peru, Chile, Belize, Cuba, and other countries, the missionaries reported that when everything was closed, their work was limited. But with the financial help they received, they were able to help the neediest congregants by distributing food and supplies.

We end this report by sharing with you the joy we feel when we inform you that we started 2020 with 64 missionaries and we began 2021 with 72. To God be the Glory!

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial help. You, my beloved brethren, have been a special key to the advancement of the gospel in recent times. With all our hearts we thank you, and we pray that this beautiful and powerful promise of the Lord will be fulfilled in your lives: “Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed, shaken and overflowing they will give in your lap; because with the same measure with which you measure, they will measure you again. Luke 6:38

In Christ,

Josué and Damaris Yrion.