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2021 Summary

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After the 2020 Pandemic, when we thought that everything was going to return to normal, the Delta variant changed things again. This new viral wave brought a lot of destruction in India, where three hundred thousand people died in a single day. Many of our brothers were infected, including pastor Benjamín Gnanadurai, who was ill, but God raised and healed him to the glory of his Name.

Despite all these setbacks in India, the missionaries continued to work. They continued preaching the Word of God through social media, open-air gatherings outside, and meeting with small groups as permitted by government authorities. Thank God that despite all the difficulties, there was a harvest of souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, who were baptized and taught by the missionaries we support.

Although it was closed for a few months, the Josue Yrion Bible Institute in Manipur India, led by Rev. Ibobi, opened its doors again in April and continued to function in the midst of all this chaos. Ten students graduated in theological studies and were ordained to the ministry. We praise the Lord for this graduation, remembering the words of Jesus when he said: “The harvest is indeed great, but the workers are few; therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send Laborers to their harvest.” Luke 10:2

In Niger, Africa, Angela Lee continues her hard work for the Lord. In previous letters we have spoken of the work of this missionary. In this country, poor families are forced to marry off their daughters and some young girls are forced into prostitution. Missionary Lee, foreseeing this situation, felt called to open an academy that supports these low-income girls. Through this program, the girls receive education so that they can find a job to support themselves. In addition, this program teaches the girls the gospel of Jesus Christ. In her report, Sister Lee thanks us for our prayers and financial support. They already have 70 girls living at the school. She reports that they have witnessed these girls experience intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. We pray for God's protection over the schools.

Missionary Joseph Nan has been under a lot of pressure but has been working tirelessly. The military took power in Myanmar, removing democracy and restricting movement within the country. The pandemic also hit those regions. He has been praying for the sick, and supporting them by running an orphanage. In the midst of all this chaos, this man of God has been preaching in different tribes winning souls, baptizing, and picking up new orphaned children, whom he takes to the orphanage and preaches the gospel of Christ.

In the south of Spain, in the city of Almería, the missionary Yamileth Sánchez continues to work. Spain is a very hard country to preach in. Our missionary told us that they are visiting a region where there are evangelical churches and they are preaching the Gospel. The intention is to plant a church there. They have led four persons to follow Christ and are teaching them the Word of God. She asks for prayer so that God gives them grace there and helps them reach many more.

Doris, continues to work in Turkey with a lot of opposition.  She asks for prayer. Missionaries in Australia, China, Peru, Belize, Bhutan, Nepal, Cuba, and Brazil continue to work hard to win souls for the kingdom.

During this pandemic, I have also been active preaching the Word throughout social media. We thank God that the advancement of technology has allowed us to reach more people than ever before. Thousands of Spanish-speaking brothers who live in different countries around the world go online and have let us know how much they are being strengthened through our preaching. To God be the glory!

We end this report by thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for your financial help and for your support in prayer, not only for us, but also for the 72 missionaries we help support around the world and the Theological Institute in India.

Let us keep in mind that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near. Let's all work together during this time for His Kingdom.

We wish you many blessings in this year 2022.

In Christ,

Rev. Josue and Damaris Yrion.