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Summary of our Work in 2012

We thank you for your help to our ministry. God has used your generous offering for His purpose in this ministry. In the year 2012, we added five missionaries and sent money to provide food, transportation, and shelter to five thousand brothers in a convention in India. We also bought Christmas gifts and food for one thousand poor children in India under the ministry of Pastor Dennis Benjamin. In 2011, we bought a car for our missionary Paul Ibobi in India and this year we also bought a car for Pastor Benjamin Gnanadurai and Pastor Victor de La Rosa. We also started repairs on the Josue Yrion Theological Institute building in India and we sent hundreds of free books and DVD’s to prisons all over the U.S. and to our brethren that do not have the means to obtain Christian materials. These gift packages have been sent all over Latin America and especially to Cuba, to help our brethren in this country in which there is no access to Christian materials. Our television program on Almavision was also on the air once a week for the whole year.

Due to your faithful prayers and generous contributions to our ministry, God is using us to back His work in the whole world. He is the expert artisan, and we are just His tools. Please pray for God to use us more in this new year and for His missionaries to be endowed with new strength to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness. Pray that the Lord may gather a large harvest of souls this year. Please also pray for the Lord to help us continue our efforts to send Christian materials to Cuba. Due to a new postal service rule, it is more difficult for us to send those packages and it is taking about 3 times longer to process these gifts. But God is more powerful than any regulation.



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