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Prayer Requests from our Missionaries

 Here are some prayer requests from our missionaries for our fast on May 21, 2013.

·       Rev. Paul (India)

o    “Ministry Trip in Thailand from 6 September 2013 to 17 September 2013 for CONTACT and SOUL WINNING.”

o    JY Theological Institute: for growth, strength for teachers, and for God to use these students to impact India for Christ.

o    Also pray for strength, courage, and protection for him and all the missionaries under his leadership.

·       Pr. John (Ghana)

o    “To pray for Christians in Muslim nations worldwide who face persecutions. Also against BLOOD SHED of innocent people, especially kids.

o    That the Eastern Nations will accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

o    Christians should stand for Christ whatever the cost.

o    Praise: My burns are healing speedily. We want go to church for thanksgiving on May 28th. I hope by then I will be well enough to stand on my feet again.”

·       Pr. Benjamin, Dennis, and David (India)

Dennis writes:

o    “We have opened a couple of branch Churches in Southern India in the past few months. Please pray for our ministry to grow by leaps and bounds.

o    My wife is pregnant and we are expecting the delivery to be in June. Please pray for the safe and speedy delivery of our child.

o    Completion of my father’s (Benjamin) house at the orphanage

o    My wife and I are living in a rented house and the rent is very expensive here. Also they expect us to vacate the house each year. We have therefore decided to move to the orphanage and build a house alongside my Dad’s house so that we can take care of him in his old age and also take care of the orphanage. Please pray for the finances and also that we would find honest people who will assist in building the house at a cheap price.”

o    Pray for God’s protection and blessing of David’s church planting in the North.


·       Chris and Caitlyn (USA)

o    “Please pray for favor on the local high school campuses that we work on. Also please pray for our summer mission trip that we will be leading to Tanzania. We will be taking 16 students with us to share Christ with local high school students.”

o    Pray for their newborn daughter Evie, for the Lord to bless her in every way and to provide for her every need.

·       Pr. Obispo Hédito (Chile)

o    “Please pray for the unity of our church and for God’s provision for each and every ministry represented in this fast.”

·       Pr. Robson (Brazil)

o    “We will be uniting our church in prayer over all of you! Please pray for us too.”

·       Pr. Hugo & Grace (Australia)

o    “The news of this fast has given us new strength to continue in the face of our current hardships. We are uniting our church in prayer for all of you. Join us believing in Pr. Hugo’s healing in the name of Jesus the Christ!”

·       Doris & Family (Turkey)

o    “We will be joining with you all in this fast. This will be a day of powerful victory!”

o    Please pray for Doris’ daughter, Diana. She is healed in Jesus’ glorious name.

·       Rev. Nestor Omar (Peru)

o    “We are joining the fast and we are joyful that our church will as well. Please pray for a recent lawsuit that has been started against religious liberty, which has been passed by the court and is heavily supported by the “Opus Dei”, a strong Catholic movement strong in the government. But ‘nothing is impossible for God’ Luke 1:37 ‘What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?’ Romans 8:31”

·       De Wet & Marysol (South Africa)

o    “Please pray for perseverance as we pioneer our new ministry, Together Technologies,

o    Wisdom choosing the right young men to mentor for our internship program,

o    Our adjustment to being a family of five”

o    Pray for their newborn daughter, Amina. Let us ask God to bless her and her siblings, Knox and Evangeline, in every way as they grow up to live for His glory.

·       Pr. Soqui (Mexico)

o    Pray for the Lord to give Pr. Soqui strength and comfort after the loss of his wife and daughter. We pray that God will give him new strength and health.

·       Prs. Jaime & Maristela (Brazil & USA)  

o    For God to bless their congregation and work and for their complete health in Jesus’ name.

·       Pr. Pablo (Argentina)

o    For God to bless his ministry.

·       Daniel & Barbara (Brazil)

o    For God to save many souls through their evangelism

o    For God to bless Barbara’s pregnancy and their new child on the way!

·       Pr. Victor (Belize)

o    For many souls to come to the Lord in Belize.

·       Peterson & Elena (England)

o    Pray for the Lord to comfort Peterson over the loss of his father and for his complete healing in Jesus’ name.

·       Alfonso & Debee (Spain)

o    “Complete healing for Alfonso´s glaucoma

o    Jobs for Natalie and Danny. For Christian’s success in his master’s program and future job.

o    Debee´s womens club: that students will be drawn to Jesus love and meet Him.

o    For new teams in Toledo and Salamanca. They´re planting new churches there.

o    That through the financial crisis more Spaniards will come into the kingdom, as Christians share in their sufferings in love and compassion. Unemployment is over 26%, and  50% among youth

o    May more Christians be called to work in the field of business bringing new jobs and hope.”

·       Julio & Adriana (Spain)

o    “For the spiritual growth of new believers

o    For new strength and perseverance for Valia and Angeles. Angeles is going through strong spiritual warfare.

o    For the group from Puerto Rico, their plans and missions activities and for many people to hear the good news

o    For God to keep using us in his perfect will and for His wisdom to continue preaching the gospel.

o    For God to provide a new vehicle for us to travel to other neighborhoods to preach the gospel.”


·       Joseph (Myanmar)  

o    “Please pray as I start our project of 2013-2014.”

·       Katie (USA)

o    Please pray for the Lord to increase her financial supporters so she can begin her ministry reaching highschoolers for Christ.




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