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2 New Missionaries

We are very proud to announce that we have started to financially support two additional missionaries. Both missionaries will be working in difficult countries where Christians are widely rejected and persecuted. Despite this fact, we know that God is with them in order to bring about the salvation of many people for whom Christ died but have not had the opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel. Glory to God!

These missionaries are:

Elex, Asia: Buys and transports Bibles in Mandarin and Tibetan and audio Bibles in Tibetan, ug, dong, mapul, and nepali. He also helps orphanages in Tibet and buys evangelistic literature in Mandarin. In addition, he is studying the culture to be able to work in the translation of the Bible in the future.

Natanael & Tirsa Gonzales, North Africa: Work in different schools showing the love and truth of Christ to the Muslim community in a country where the gospel is very difficult to accept. They also work with PMI in the building of churches.